Elizabeth Brantley-Holmes

 Campaign Manager


Elizabeth Brantley-Holmes is a campaign manager who is passionate about helping and serving her community. After working at Paper Mill Playhouse for 25 years, she transitioned into a new career working at Metamorphosis, consulting and training “at risk youth”. Elizabeth is a parent advocate with KippNJ Rise academy and Newark Collegiate Academy. She has been working professionally in advocacy for over 18 years, standing in for children, seniors, and those who can not advocate for themselves. She understands first hand, how valuable the help of our village can be in a person’s life. 

Outside of work, she is a member to several parent organizations such as, Black Alliance for Educational Options, Parent Coalition for Excellent Education, Parents Engaging Parents and more. Also, Elizabeth enjoys spending quality time with her son Joshua. Though he is her only biological son, she is a mom to many. She has a big heart and enjoys giving freely. 

Elizabeth is ardent about helping others find their voice. At a very young age, she realized her voice and opinion matters. Her mission is to share that same belief with many others. She believes everyone’s voice counts and needs to be heard. She often says “Your voice is a gift, use it to empower our nation”!