A Year in Review at Project Ready

The last 12 months have changed how we live, work, vote, advocate, and educate our children. Take a look back at how we’ve evolved, pivoted, and empowered & activated our Project Ready community in the last year.

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Project Ready is a non-profit social justice organization based in Newark, New Jersey. Our long-term vision is to see a world where no community is left voiceless—a world where parents, guardians, and students in our most vulnerable communities feel heard, informed, and civically educated, and thereby powered to overhaul systems and policies in place that limit educational opportunities.

Digital Divide


To close the opportunity gap and improve life outcomes for children, we have to address the deep digital divide the pandemic has illuminated. This digital divide and resource divide facing school aged children of color and those experiencing poverty is not a new phenomenon – but it is a growing one.

As the divide spreads, it’s disproportionately affecting displaced and at-risk youth. There are students in Newark, currently living in shelters, motels, cars and/or couchsurfing who are now relying on remote learning to receive a quality education. These students are still without internet or laptops.

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3 Pillars of our work

Ready to Vote

Support communities to build an engaged and civically educated voting base by developing partnerships with community members and local organizations.

Ready to Advocate

Build and support local advocacy efforts to achieve policy wins that promote excellent schools.

Ready to Educate

Partnership with the community to reimagine student remote and in-person learning opportunities

Project Ready Community News Videos

Project Ready Community News focuses on important community issues such as Educational Justice and Equity, COVID-19/ Public Health, Racial Justice and Equity, Community Organizing, Politics, and more.

#projectready In the News

NJ Spotlight News
Opinion: NJ’s children are living in a tale of two states

Disparities in vaccine distribution in Black and white communities are just one reason communities of color are more comfortable keeping children home Newark’s “Reopen schools!” has become the rallying cry du jour, with news coverage featuring parents frustrated that their kids are still stuck in remote learning. Read More

North Jersey
Black families in NJ make ‘heartbreaking’ choice to keep kids in remote learning

Bobby Jacobs-Faison’s son has not been inside his Paterson school since last March. In a community ravaged by COVID-19, Jacobs-Faison wants to keep it that way until he is assured that students will be protected at school. Read More

More in NJ Will Get Covid Vaccine, Poll Shows

As the Covid vaccine campaign picks up steam, some good news — more people in New Jersey say they will take it. Read More

NJ Spotlight News
Survey shows more NJ residents are willing to get COVID-19 vaccine

Public opinion on willingness to be vaccinated against COVID-19 may be shifting, according to a survey commissioned by Project Ready, a Newark-based nonprofit.. Read More

COVID-19 Resource Guide

Our guide has curated resources for families on health, education, advocacy and civic engagement to help navigate through the ongoing challenges of the pandemic while still tending to self-care. Click to download.

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Project Ready has a proven track record of working collectively with community residents, organizations, and institutions to tackle educational equity and social justice problems. The organization has provided direct and indirect resources to students and schools. Your donation will enable us to continue to serve our most vulnerable community members.