Broadband Equity Initiative


To close the opportunity gap and improve life outcomes for children, we have to address the deep digital divide the pandemic has illuminated. This digital divide and resource divide facing school aged children of color and those experiencing poverty is not a new phenomenon – but it is a growing one.

As the divide spreads, it’s disproportionately affecting displaced and at-risk youth. There are students in Newark, currently living in shelters, motels, cars and/or couchsurfing who are now relying on remote learning to receive a quality education. These students are still without internet or laptops.

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Increasing voter participation


For four years Project Ready has been activating voters across the city of Newark NJ. In 2021, Project Ready Members made up 37% of the electorate in the Newark School Board Election. Our members are motivated to vote.


Members since 2019

Over 10,000

Voters we’ve helped turn out to vote since 2019

31/2 times

In last year’s Newark School Board Election our members were 3 and half times more likely to vote than the average Newarker


Newark voters we’ve contacted since 2019