COVID-19 Poll

As the country has descended into a second wave of coronavirus, both in New Jersey and nationally, we commissioned a Change Research survey of New Jersey voters to assess their concerns with the virus as well as a COVID-19 vaccine. We found that while the virus has impacted nearly everyone, residents of color and low-income residents have experienced the worst of the pandemic in terms of both economic and health impacts on their lives. When it comes to a COVID-19 vaccine, data suggests that a public information campaign and focused outreach to communities of color will be necessary and important.

Voting Survey

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Jersey implemented a number of reforms with the goal of making voting safer, easier and more inclusive ahead of the general election in November. Data shows that New Jerseyans then turned out to vote in record numbers. We commissioned a survey of 958 New Jersey voters with Change Research to assess their experiences with voting in the past, with these reforms, and look closer at additional measures the state could implement to increase access to voting.