Staying Engaged & Being
An Educated Voter


Learn about the candidates and the functions of the elected positions they are running for. How will this elected official impact you, your family, and your community?


Decide how the candidates’ positions align with your personal views, values, and priorities.

Make Your Voice Heard

Cast a ballot to make your voice heard!

Stay Engaged

You can make your voice heard outside of voting, too. Share your ideas and solutions for community problems, report on a government meeting, leader or issue, and encourage your friends and neighbors to use their voices as well!

Be a Registered Voter

Make Sure You're A Registered Voter

Not sure you’re an active voter? Check your voter registration status.

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Same day vote registration

Over 20 states allow people to register to vote and then cast their ballots on the same day. Let’s make New Jersey one of them.

Same-day voter registration will not only allow for a more equitable democratic process by including voters of color who are more likely to be purged from voter rolls, but it will also encourage young voters to take part in the most important democratic process.

Take action and tell our state legislators it’s time to pass same-day voter registration by supporting A4548/S2824!

Support Same-Day Vote Registration