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About Project Ready

By spearheading groundbreaking initiatives that highlight, uplift, and restore the narratives of Black and Brown voices, Project Ready empowers communities to reshape harmful policies and demand social justice.

Project Ready launched in 2018 as a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots advocacy organization devoted to protecting and expanding high-quality education in urban communities through increased voter turnout and civic engagement. We believe that community members deserve the right to involve themselves in an electoral process that will yield excellent schools for their children.

Since then, Project Ready has expanded as an organization that not only works to ensure high-quality education for students, but engages with the broader intersection of social justice, public health, educational inequities, and civic engagement to holistically improve life outcomes for our community members.

Project Ready partners with Black and Brown communities to leverage their personal power and close the civic engagement gap.

Our Mission


We strive for a society where Black and Brown children live in resource-rich communities that unlock their ability to thrive without limits and live a life of their choosing.



Project Ready is partnering with communities to leverage their personal power and close the civic engagement gap. When Black and Brown communities disrupt civic engagement systems, they positively impact the well-being of themselves and their communities on behalf of kids.


Project Ready does this by focusing on the aspects of civic engagement that have a direct connection to the laws and policies that impact the health and wellness of communities: organizing and participation in democratic processes.


Project Ready is committed to building and sustaining equitable and socially just systems that support all community members’ growth and development, especially those who are traditionally disenfranchised due to factors including race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status.


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