Less than half of registered Newark voters voted in the 2016 Presidential election. We have to do better in 2020.

How will you make your voice heard this November? Watch this video to learn how, when, and where to vote

How to Vote

All active, registered voters should automatically receive a ballot in the mail for the November 2020 election.

A voter’s registration can be marked as inactive if they did not vote in one of the last two federal elections or if election mail sent to their address was returned. Inactive voters will not automatically get a ballot. Inactive voters can still vote by mail, by requesting a ballot from the county clerk or by using the voter registration form and checking the vote-by-mail box.

There are 5 ways to vote in this election. Make a plan to make your voice heard.

  1. Put your ballot in the mail before November 3rd! If you plan to vote by mail, VOTE EARLY!
  2. Drop your ballot in a secure box by November 3rd. Find a secure ballot box on the map below.
  3. Bring your ballot to your County Clerk’s office by November 3rd.
  4. Bring your ballot to a polling location on November 3rd. Find your polling location.
  5. Wear a mask, and use a provisional ballot to vote in person at a polling location on November 3rd. Find your polling location.

Find the nearest mailbox or secure ballot box to return your ballot!

Newark has a secure ballot box near 31 Green St. You can find a full list of Essex County secure ballot boxes on the map below. Drop your completed ballot in a secure ballot box by November 3rd! .

If you need help finding your nearest mailbox, use the USPS mail box locator website:

Find Your Nearest Mailbox

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Staying Engaged & Being
An Educated Voter


Learn about the candidates and the functions of the elected positions they are running for. How will this elected official impact you, your family, and your community?


Decide how the candidates’ positions align with your personal views, values, and priorities.

Make Your Voice Heard

Cast a ballot to make your voice heard!

Stay Engaged

You can make your voice heard outside of voting, too. Share your ideas and solutions for community problems, report on a government meeting, leader or issue, and encourage your friends and neighbors to use their voices as well!

This is a critical moment in our nation’s history.

We still see a world where no community is left voiceless — a world that improves life outcomes for all children through the power of communities making their voices heard by voting.

We know that real community change happens through civic engagement and participation in our democratic processes. We’re committed to that change and engagement by creating a strong culture of voting in our communities.

New Jersey voters will cast ballots for the President, for the Senate, and for seats representing us in Congress.

We have to come together, take our power back, and vote on November 3rd.

Timeline of key dates

Be a Registered Voter

Make Sure You're A Registered Voter

Not sure you’re an active voter? Check your voter registration status.

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